Montessori Ramps for Little Ones: How to Help a Kid to Grow Up Healthy

Montessori's boards are a great addition to Pikler triangles. Thanks to this innovative product, your child is playfully supported from an early age and thus develops a pronounced sense of balance.

The montessori ramps promote a positive body feeling and the joy of independent movement. No more restrictions on your child's imagination and creativity!

The slide board is a popular addition to the climbing triangle and climbing arch and makes the devices so versatile. One side is equipped with crossbars to act as a ladder, allowing children to climb it easily. The other side is smooth and gives a lot of gliding pleasure. Of course, it also works great as a toy car slide. The slide board is also very popular with the little ones because it allows them to develop their motor skills and the necessary coordination of movements, from straightforward climbing to fast sliding.

Product advantages

The ramp offers numerous challenging tasks:

  • The toddler can climb to the top.
  • It can go down quickly and have fun.
  • You can use the ramp to play games.
  • The child can develop stamina while climbing up.

Therefore, the ramp should only be included in the range of materials when children have already had experience with the Montessori triangle and on higher platforms. A ramp is a good preparation for kids' bodies.

Diverse play possibilities with children's ladder

One side is for climbing. Here your child has different rungs, which are screwed to a solid wood board at regular intervals. The baby ramp can be hung at all heights of the lifting triangle, so the difficulty level of the climb can be increased or decreased.

If you turn the board over, there is another way to play. The children's ladder can be turned into a slide. The climbing steps on the back are concise, so your child can hold onto the edge of the stable slide stand and slide down unhindered. The ramp is especially suitable as an addition to the climbing arch.

Moreover, you can also attach it here

Children's slides are made of solid wood. Individual parts are galvanized. The two solid wood pieces are interlocked and glued together with wedge-shaped teeth. It creates a highly stable and almost distortion-free connection between shorter pieces of wood to form a theoretically infinitely long part of the wood. For a slide or climbing board, buy a sturdy wooden motor toy. You can help your child do their first climbing exercises, climb a ramp, or slide down a slide.

The fun of the game is programmed here! Your child can climb safely by making a cave out of it and hiding in it or a tunnel to crawl through. You can also turn the climbing triangle into a slide with a suitable slide board.