On the Odometer and Manipulation with it: Twisting and Stopping the Mileage Run

The odometer is an essential component of any car. It is found in both modern and old cars. The odometer is one of the devices informing the vehicle owner, designed to count the kilometers traveled by car.

Often, car owners resort to changing their readings using special odometer tools that stop or twist the run. It is easy to do it, and even novice car enthusiasts can cope with this task. All you need is to install this tiny blocker behind the dashboard and activate it with the help of a combination of buttons. It works flawlessly, and no car service would find it.

Odometer and its purpose

An odometer is a counter that measures a car's distance. It is placed in the dashboard near the speedometer. It looks like a small screen with numbers. In the classic version, this device has two lines with numbers. One indicates the vehicle's actual mileage since the installation of the instrument. The second one is called the everyday mileage counter. It displays the kilometers traveled by the car since the dial was set to zero (a corresponding button for this). In addition to the fact that this instrument helps the vehicle owner to register the distance traveled, the device likewise helps when buying a car on the secondary market. The mileage shown on the central odometer line will tell a buyer whether it's worth purchasing a fairly new car at a low price.

Features of the device for stopping the mileage

The ground-breaking mileage freezing device is adapted to many European, American, or Japanese cars. The device allows:

  • Set the odometer on many cars depending on the year of manufacture.
  • Adjust the mileage without additional operations.
  • Install without unsoldering it from the board.
  • Go for several operating modes.

This odometer corrector stands out for its maximum versatility. Therefore, numerous car owners want to have such a savior.

The phenomenon of mileage blocking

Even with a tiny percentage of an error occurring, if the car drives long distances every day, the odometer will still have impressive figures on its odometer. It will not be easy to successfully sell such a car on the secondary market, even if it was recently bought.

Some dishonest owners of such a vehicle opt for the trick of adjusting the mileage counter to sell it at a higher price. If we talk about mechanical models of counters, then traces on the case or clamps will indicate a change in the mileage figure. Concerning electronic odometers, it is impossible to determine such an adjustment visually because the odometer calibration tool works, leaving no sign of interference. However, it is essential to state that it is better to use such a device only for testing purposes.